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What is the Q map

Use Your Smartphone to Reveal Hidden Deals
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The Q Map™ is your guide to exciting, time-sensitive summational offers from local retailers and restaurants.


The Q Map gives local shop owners an easy way to provide exciting secret deals and specials. Just scan the Quick Response (QR) code decal displayed at any location, check out any of the listings provided here online, or scan any of the codes listed on the printed Q Map available at participating shops in your area. A shop's secret special will be revealed.

Best of all, because shops can login and change their online promo at any time and as often as they like, offers will stay fresh and fun!

And when you want to check out all of the deals around town, just browse the listings page to directly from your desktop, tablet or smartphone. Click a shop's name and reveal their promo. Click "Map It" on the bottom of promo page to locate that business instantly on The Q Map. Smartphone users can also click the shop's phone number to call for more info.

Businesses are encouraged to provide incentives that can be valuable, fun, intriguing — anything. Deals will change often, so scan a store's decal every time you pass by and discover the unique promotion of the moment.

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Q Map

 1.  If you don't already have one on your smartphone, click here to download a QR Code reader and visit any of the many QR Code sites. You can also visit your own phone's App Store for their reader.

A Q Map special deal

 2.  Scan QR Codes displayed at participating locations or shown on your printed Q map, available at local shops and restaurants.

 3.  The Code will reveal the up-to-the-minute special. Because retailers can change their deals as often as they like, the possibilities are limitless!

Get a QR Reader

Make Your Smartphone a Little Smarter

First things first — you’ll need to get a QR Code reader for your phone.

The sources below offer FREE QR Code readers. Please click any of the links below and follow the instructions to download a reader app to your phone, and get started right away. Alternatively, visit your phone's Application Store for the reader made specifically for your phone as not all readers support all phones.

List Your Biz

It's fun and simple to use

Get your business listed on The Q Map by emailing us at

Once listed, we'll send you a login and password that will allow you to create and update your business's promotion-of-the moment by simply clicking on the Shop Window Login button shown below.

We strongly encourage you to keep your promos fun and update them as often as possible! Interesting offers will help generate foot traffic and are a great way to build loyalty by making your business face more personal.

With your subscription, you'll receive a listing on the printed Q Map that will be updated annually, a listing in the locales section on this site, and you will receive a Q Map QR Code window decal to display prominently at your place of business. We can also provide table tops or custom signage, and will provide high-resolution artwork so that you can include the Q Map logo and your individualized code for use on any printed matter.

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